Piel d.o.o. is the largest company for installation and maintenance of all types of elevators in Dalmatia.
We were founded in 1990 in Split and since then our business has been increasing constantly.
Our team has 24 qualified employees- a combination of highly educated youth and senior employees with years-long experience.
Our users- apartment and business buildings which have found in us a reliable partner for elevator installation and maintenance are the best proof of the quality of our work.
Since 2001 we have been working with a Spanish company Orona, the only elevator manufacturer with the entire production in Europe. As a result of that collaboration, we offer the most modern elevators of excellent design, top quality and competitive price.
Our employees will be happy to answer all your queries, whether about a tender for a specific elevator, a possibility of installing an elevator in existing buildings or about some other solutions of vertical transportation.

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Piel’s professional team guarantees a fast delivery, professional installation and post-sales service of high quality for all types of elevators.
The elevators enable easier access to apartment and business buildings, hotels, public institutions and other facilities which need a safe, efficient and comfortable vertical transportation of people. The elevators can be electrically-operated or hydraulically-operated, with or without the machine room.
Thanks to a broad range of products which can fit in the most demanding spaces we can offer an ideal solution for every space.
We offer our clients professional help while choosing the elevator according to their needs. Hence, their demands regarding transportation capacity and comfort of drive are entirely satisfied and economically optimized.
Collaborating while designing a building or during work performance stage, architects have complete freedom to design characteristics of our elevators. Our latest elevator interior design meets the needs of the most demanding clients.
Elevators of the latest technology are equipped with the energy saving system which enables to turn off the lights automatically and a stand-by mode while the elevator is not in use. The advantages of this technology are seen in positive impacts on the environment but also in reduced costs of elevator users.

Our services


Piel d.o.o. is the largest elevator maintenance company in Dalmatia. We perform a regular monthly service for more than 600 elevators in Croatia, mostly in Dalmatia.
The users of our services are numerous apartment and business buildings, private houses, schools, universities, hotels, shopping malls, plants and warehouses.
Apart from a regular monthly service, 24-hour call service, which is available every day, even on holidays, is included in our maintenance price.



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Elevators have a limited life span. Therefore, it s necessary to modernize them on time, that is, to undergo an overhaul of existing elevators not only to satisfy regulations but also to provide the clients with a safe and pleasant drive.


Providing technical documentation

In collaboration with a mechanical engineer and a licensed project engineer we produce technical documentation for all types of elevators.
At the project developing stage, by arrangement with a chief project engineer, we try to find the best solution to a vertical transportation problem in order to meet the needs of future users.




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Buildings without elevator

Our tender for buildings without elevators includes all the work necessary for the entire elevator installation and functioning on a turn-key basis. This means we perform the entire work: preliminary construction work, sawing the staircase and banister through, shaft construction and coating, elevator installation, final construction and painting work.